Global Billing is a leading company for international Premium Rate Numbers, Premium Call Numbers & Payout Numbers with high and fast payouts.

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Hundreds of Tariffs

Find with us more than 170 different tariffs for your business and micro billing solutions.

Thousands of IPRN Numbers

Choose from a wide range of UK premium numbers, Europe premium numbers and other countries premium numbers that fit exactly to your market and your client's needs.

Self-Service Numbers

Pick exactly the numbers you want, either 10 from one tariff or 1 from 10 tariffs.

White Labeling

We offer also white labeling solutions for your own domain and subdomain, helping you to build up your own business under your own name.


Use your panel in your native language. If your language is not covered, let us know and we will get it translated for you.


Active Calls & Test Calls

Check your active calls in real time in order to monitor your ongoing traffic and your client activity. Your test calls are also in real time, helping you to find the right number for the right market.

Real Time Statistics & Test Statistics

Find all your calls and test calls in our statistics; filter and group them as required for a complete overview of your traffic.

Historical CDRs

Use our CDRs to feed your own system for analysis, whether they be daily, weekly or monthly.

Real Time Access List

If you are always looking for the latest access points in order to optimize your campaign, use our access lists, updated frequently each per day: it will give you great support.


Real Time Credit-Notes

Watch your earnings grow in real time and see what tariffs and days have been the most effective during your campaign.

Multiple Bank Accounts allowed

Define as many bank accounts as you want, and assign credit note payments to any of these accounts.

Fast Bank Wires

All our bank wires are being sent through SWIFT to make sure you get your payments as fast as possible.


Add, Edit and Delete Clients

Add, edit or even delete your clients as you want, with no limits on the amount of accounts. Benefit from your own news system to keep your clients abreast of any news or updates.

Number Management

Allocate, de-allocate or even reallocate numbers between your clients – all done on the fly with 3 simple clicks.

Client Panel

Your clients have even their own panel to login and to check their news, statistics and number status.

Routing & Call Management

Define and manage the routing of all your numbers as you require.

SIP & PSTN Routing

If you need SIP or PSTN routing, just define a few parameters and you are set to go.

Voice File Upload

No limitations on personal voice files uploaded. You also have complete control of everything.

Free Conferencing Platform

If you would like your very own conference platform, we can offer you our own PIN-based system for free.

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