Frequently asked questions

A Premium Rate Number, sometimes abbreviated as PRN, is a phone number which usually incurs a higher caller cost than a regular landline or fixed number.
PRN - means Premium Rate Number.
IPRN means International Premium Rate Number.
A PRN is normally accessible within the country where it is registered. An IPRN can usually be accessed from outside of the country where it is registered.
CLI means Calling Line Identification. It is the identification (phone number) that the called party sees when you call him. Sometimes this number is not shown, or is modified by intermediate carriers.
A-Number is the number that originates a call.
C-Number is an internal phone number linked to any IVR/Server, also known as a target number. A B-Number is routed to this.
B-Number is the number (PRN or IPRN) that the caller calls.
DID mean Direct Inward Dialing, also called Direct Dial-In in Europe, is the same as C-Number.
The national phone code for a country (for example, +44 for UK).
EOM means End of Month. The number before EOM (for example, as in 45 EOM) means the number of days after month end when payment is due.
EOW means End of Week. The number before EOW (for example, as in 7 EOW) means the number of days after week end when payment is due
The first figure is always the production time (or billing cycle) and the second one are the days after which payment is due.
For example:
7/1 - 7 days production time, 1 day after this production time, payment is due
7/7 - 7 days production time, 7 days after this production time, payment is due
30/45 - 30 days production time, 45 days after this production time, payment is due.
Weekly payments are based on following cycles:
01 - 07 production time, payment on day 08
08 - 15 production time, payment on day 16
16 - 22 production time, payment on day 23
23 - EOM production time, payment on day 01 of following month.

This means on the 8th, 16th, 23rd and 1st of every month is payday.
This means that we pay out your money in 2 stages:the first part is the first percentage (e.g. 70%) and the second part (e.g. 30%) is held back ("holdback") for payment to you at a later time.The pay back of the second part depends on the tariff conditions, but is often 45 EOM or 60 EOM.
Holdbacks are a part of your payment that is held back by the Telcos and will be paid out as mentioned above. If your traffic is correct and there are no complaints, the Telco pays out the holdbacks in time, which we then transfer to you immediately.
A credit-note is a statement you receive from us after each billing cycle, where you see how much money we will pay into your account.
Pre-Payments are approximate interim payments made to you on the basis of online statistics: the exact amount is recalculated at the end of the carrier billing cycle.
Express bank wire only
1 -2 days, if there is no weekend or any bank holidays in between. You should also allow for any time your own bank needs to credit your account when it receives the money from us.
Yes, our live statistic is updated every 5 minutes.
Yes. You can see your active calls. You are also able to stop an active call.
After signup you can make some test calls and request some numbers. If you want to continue with a full account and all documentation is correct, this can be done instantly.
By using our contact form, by email or, at best, call us or chat over Skype.
None. We have no setup or monthly costs.
Yes, of course. If we see that they are unused, we take them back and you will be notified. Any minutes done on these numbers will be credited to your account automatically. Of course you can always reorder new numbers. That is no problem at all!
Please sign up to our Newsletter & Rate Card.You will then receive the download link to see all our solutions and rates.
You are informed of new and changed solutions automatically. You will also receive from us on a regular basis a newsletter with all this information. In addition, your sales manager will keep you informed. Check also our news section on the website.
The default support languages are English and German, although our team has a good knowledge of French and Spanish too.
We send all our payments to you as urgent, which incurs a cost for us. We do not charge for this service. However, your own bank may charge to receive your money.